Evidence Based Programs

Where to find evidence-based mental health programs for use in schools

The Kidsmatter and Mindmatters websites' have lists and descriptions of various evidence-based mental health programs for use in schools.  They both have filters to narrow done your selections.

Access the link to the Kidsmatter programs page for primary schools here

Access the link to the Mindmatters programs guide for high schools here

School Refusal

School Refusal: Every School Day Counts

This resource School Refusal: Every School Day Counts has been produced to assist education staff and the families that they
work with in identifying and supporting children and adolescents who are avoiding going to school in the context of mental health
difficulties. This resource provides basic information for primary teachers, high school teachers and parents/carers in
understanding school refusal and what can be done to help support children and young people who are refusing to attend school
and experiencing mental health challenges.

A separate flyer for parents can be accessed by clicking here. 


Mental Health Complexities

Responding to Mental Health Complexities

School-Link SWSLHD developed this resource to assist schools in responding to complex emotional, behavioural and/or mental health situations. These complex presentations can be thought of as a ‘mental health crisis’ in the school.

Uploaded by NSW Department of Education on 2014-12-04.

Personalised Learning and Support Signposting Tool (PLASST)

The Personalised Learning and Support Signposting Tool is a web based resource for NSW government schools to assist teachers and learning and support teams to identify the functional educational needs of students who may benefit from personalised learning and support. To find out more visit the departments PLASST webpage here.


School-Link animations to raise awareness

"Meet Jessica" is a short animation for school staff to raise awareness about the mental health and wellbeing of children and adolescents with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The accompanying workshop and resources, introduce and build on reasonable adjustments that schools can implement to prevent or manage mental health behaviours of concern. To download the accompanying resources and powerpoint please go to this link:

The film is designed for use with school staff such as Principals, teachers and support teachers. Mental Health issues impact on many children and teachers are uniquely placed to play an essential role in their wellbeing. The film aims to assist teachers to identify mental health issues early, and take action in referring children and their families to appropriate professional help. To access the film and its accompanying resources please contact your local School-Link Coordinator.